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ARO: good job

Paweł: Długa przerwa, ale wróciłeś z klasą :)


ackroo: What happened?

vikky: wen d new traks cumin.....


CK STAFF: New Songs are coming!

ron: djproject stop being a dick with all your spam post

jhon: new tracks please it's time!!!! thank you..



djproject: The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (david aka djproject recall 2014)

ek: dont worry bro, we apreciate your work ;)

Spocky: Hi guys, im sorry about my time, but im in the studio all day long, and still getting time to upload songs to all of you. Its not an easy work here. Im doing what i can, and you're having the best songs from around the world. I know that im not perfect, but im trying to close enough

DJ Kazzalberto: From Brazil to Russia :)

dj ackroo: dj ackroo from Colombia ...Deejay Spock the best !!!

davi: @ davi never said i don't like ck and i actually seek others sites thanks very much .

Sławomix: naprawde fajna stronka i mozna znalesc naprawde mnóstwo nutek naprawde fajnych nieco mocniejszych tylko szkoda ze nie ma zadnych uploaderów ktorzy wrzucają nowości chodzby raz na 2-3 dni :/

DAVI: if you do not like this site please consider seeking another....

ron: adapt to the what ??