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ronny: i totally agree withyou cssc

cssc: well i guess i m gonna leave this stupid site that did not upload any new things since beginning of september thank you CK and f*** off enough said

cssc: anyone here ?

cssc: hehe

kazio: music

artem: markin

Dj Jhoninha Silva:

ackro dj: Hey CK is time for something new ..


djproject: Djproject Control Synth (original Mix)

cssc there s virus on every tracks you ll download from here: mmm



djproject: Djproject bye bye (original Mix)

Rudy: F***g Sh*t!!! I download 1 track and my PC get VIRUS!!!!!

Rudy: ??? ????? ?????? ??????! ?? ?????? ???????? ?? ?????.


Djproject: Djproject Range (original Mix)

Dj Jhoninha Silva:

Dj Jhoninha Silva: Follow - me on my new page.