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jhon: because the delay an explanation please!


ron: lol that dj project spammer guy again djproject

djproject: Djproject Rumore Guitar (original Mix)

djlaorun: lqr5226190

ron: no tracks this week ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ron: project is back again

Route 94: Full Support:


djproject: Djproject Crisp Filtered (original Mix)

tipsy guy: yeah he took a year off vacation will be back next summer

deejey ackroo: time passes and nothing is known !! CK of holiday or that ?

ron: peace

ron: clubking send more progressive house plz

ron: spock when are you gonna send us mmore deeep house ?

ron: and waste my time here but i m having so much fun

ron: do this

ron: i could also

ron: so i decide to write a lot here so those spam link can disappear